Sometimes you need software tools that just perform one specific task.  Whether the tool is a macro in a spreadsheet, an Access db or an executable it doesn't matter.  As long as it works, is easy to use and is accurate. Just like how you may have a set of tools at your home these software tools are designed to be a toolbox of programs that will help with many tasks.  These tools are open source in that the VBA code is not locked.  Any suggestions that you give to improve them will be greatly appreciated.


One to Many Spreadsheet Tool ver 1.0      New

This excel workbook will allow you to add data to a spreadsheet based on a one to many type of relationship when you run underlying VBA code.    This is handy when you add a new column to a spreadsheet that already has data in it and the data in the new column has some relation already to data in the spreadsheet.  In the example, the outside diameter (OD) of the cable types was requested to be added late in the game.  Since the OD per cable type was available I used the tool to add the OD data to the Cable Schedule report.

Go here for help.

One to Many Spreadsheet


 Rev Controlled Spreadsheet ver 1.2       UPDATED

This Excel workbook uses a 'working' spreadsheet and creates revision spreadsheets showing adds, deletes and updates based on when you run underlying VBA code.  Go here for help.

Newest Revision has a Delete Last Revision button and show hidden sheets option.


Spreadsheet Comparer ver 1.0

This Excel workbook compares two spreadsheets and highlights cells on one spreadsheet if there is a difference than the same cell on the other spreadsheet.  Go here for help.