Eng Calculators and Converters

Amperage Calculator

It is important to know what the amps are in a circuit no matter what the system voltage is.  Amperage is used to size the cables and circuit protection devices.


Pressure Converter

This is a handy calculator to convert from one pressure measurement to the another.


Temperature Converter

This is a handy calculator to convert from one temperature measurement to the another.





Eng Spreadsheet Tools

Spreadsheet Comparer

Ever send a spreadsheet to a client or vendor and wonder if it has been changed?  Ever have a spreadsheet that multiple people use and you don't know what has changed on it?  Use this handy tool to compare two spreadsheets and quickly see the differences between them.

Revision Controlled Workbook

Do you have engineering spreadsheets that need to be under revision control?  Typically documents like cable schedules, equipment lists, bill of materials (BOM) and instrument indexes require this.  This spreadsheet is the answer to your problems.  Simply change the working spreadsheet and click update and a rev with the changes highlighted will be created for you showing updates, adds and deletes.

One to Many Tool

Although Excel has this feature already included with it's 'highlight duplicates' function, sometimes a stand-alone list of the duplicates can come in handy.