Integrating SPEL and SP3D - Issue1

So early in this particular project the admin was testing something on the production server and happened to turf the site we were working in.  So, we rebuilt a new SPEL site from a backup and kept going.  There was one problem though.  We had attempted to publish a cable schedule to 3D and it was no longer contained in the backed up site.  We continued on our way and it wasn't until 6 months later as we were publishing other cable schedules that we started to get weird data problems in the the publishing and retrieving of the cable schedule.  Long story short. After much searching and SR's we found that it was as simple as going in SPEL to:

SMARTPLANT->Find Document's to Publish

A dialog will pop-up that will tell you what documents in SPEL are ready to be published to Foundation based on if you have given them a SPEL revision.  What it also does however is give you a 'Terminate' list of documents that have been published to foundation from SPEL that are no longer in SPEL.  If you select them and click them they get processed to Foundation and can get retrieved into 3D.  This cleaned up our 'tombstone' problems in 3D and is a good way to get rid of a cable schedule that you sent to 3D but wish you didn't.

Now if only I knew this 4 months ago..


SPEL Terminate