Most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to purchase specialized software or have custom applications developed for them from scratch.

So, they use spreadsheets and Office products to keep track of business data. This works well to a point.  Once a certain amount of data is reached, however, some of these tools become unmanageable and difficult. 

One answer is to develop custom solutions using MS Office products and VBA.    This is a cost effective way to have a customized solution for your businesses particular workflow without buying expensive software.

One example is the Revision Tracking spreadsheet in Tools.

This is a macro enabled spreadsheet that uses VBA to check Additions, Deletions and Updates that happen between revisions on any type of list like a Cable Schedule, Instrument Index, Bill Of Materials, Material Take Off, Line List etc...

This is a very common issue in many different industries and a good example of how VBA can be used to provide cost effective solutions to specific workflow challenges.