Intergraph's instrument and controls design module is called 'Smartplant Instrumentation or SPI.  It is was previously known as INTOOLS.

It is intended to cover all of the instrument and control design requirements in a modern industrial plant.

It is also intended to be a replacement for AutoCAD in producing I&C deliverables such as loop diagrams, control wiring diagrams and installation details.

Updating Static info on Multi-Strip Report .sma Files


If you use the Enhanced Report Utility with SPI to produce multi-strip reports it can be time consuming to always regenerate the drawing to modify static information on it like drawing references, notes, comments etc..  Also, when you regenerate the drawing things may move and reformatting may have to take place.

The temptation is to save the drawing as an .sma file and then do static edits in the .sma file using the Enhanced Report Utility.  The problem with this though is that the changes don't get saved to the SPI db and if you have to regenerate the drawing because of a db edit like adding a new cable or termination etc... then the static edits you made on the .sma will not be in the regenerated drawing. - this is not a good thing.

There is a way though to save static changes that you make to an .sma file so that when you regenerate the drawing they will still be there.


The problem is that when you open a saved .sma file none of the edit tools in the Enhanced Report Utility toolbars are active (they are all grayed out).  Once your .sma file is opened though if you go back into SPI and generate a 'Panel-Strip With Adjacent Connections' report from any terminals strip (it doesn't matter what) an new report will open up in the Enhanced Report Utility  with all the edit tools enabled.  Now the interesting thing is that if you switch windows to the .sma file you opened up before the tools stay enabled.  You can now make your static changes to the .sma file and save them to the db without ever having to regenerate that drawing. 

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